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I can’t tell you how long I’ve spent trying to find a good quality local grower to supply me with British grown flowers on a regular basis until Liz pops her head through the doors a couple of weeks ago with the most amazing bucket of cut tulips I’ve ever seen!

Liz is the founder of Pipley Flowers based near Keynsham, approximately 2o minutes from the shop. Liz is passionate about seasonal British grown flowers and I can see why!

Having not worked much with locally grown flowers, I was of the view that they wouldn’t last quite as long as the flowers that are imported from Holland and Kenya etc.. How wrong was I?!

I kept a few stems of the Tulips aside to see how long they would last and 10 days later, my Tulips are still looking fabulous.

(Who would have thought these are 10 days old?!?!)

The stems on Liz’s Tulips are so sturdy and thick and as we all know, after a few days of having imported Tulips indoors on the dining room table, the stems can begin to bend as opposed to standing straight but these have remained straight and upright for the last 10 days.

The heads on the Tulips that Liz has grown are almost 3 times the size of imported Tulips – always a HUGE bonus!

I’ve lost count of how many customers have said how beautiful the ‘Peonies’ are and how surprised they are when I tell them they are in fact English Grown Tulips.

Maybe the perfect alternative for Spring brides to have instead of a Peony?!

I am so excited to watch the seasons change as Liz is planting, growing and cutting different flowers throughout the next few months.

I am particularly excited to have her Delphiniums available and on the flower stand!

In the shop right now..

I have an amazing array of Tulips, Forget Me Nots and Ranunculus.

I could go on about Liz’s flowers for hours but I’ve got lots of bouquets to create and Antonia and Sam’s wedding to prepare for!

Have a fabulous day flowery friends.


Liz – Pipley Flowers





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