Wedding talk – Measuring aisle petals

What better way to re-use some Rose heads that were lying about in the shop with only a few days life left in them than to create a blog to explain exactly how to gauge how many Roses you will need for your aisle.

It can be difficult explaining to your florist, without showing photos and precise quantities as to how many petals and how full the couple would like the aisle petals for their big day so I established this handy little guide should make it a little easier for futures brides/grooms and florists!

To start with, I laid out 4 pieces of plain white A4 paper on the floor, each piece measures 1 foot in length (30.48cm) and just over half a foot wide (16cm).

1 Rose – 1 foot

I then began by adding one single rose head to each piece of paper, in total I used 4 roses across 4ft. This is what one rose per foot looks like.

2 Roses – 1 foot

To make the design fuller, I then added another rose to each foot therefore making it 2 roses per foot (8 roses in total are currently in the design over the 4ft)


3 Roses – 1 foot

This is three roses per foot (In total 12 roses have been used over the 4ft design) In my opinion, this is the perfect amount of petals to make an impact down the aisle.


4 Roses – 1 foot

For a really full and statement aisle, this is 4 roses per foot (16 roses used over the 4ft design)



Note – It doesn’t matter how you choose to use your flowers on your wedding day, whether the Roses are in a bouquet or in petals down the aisle, the cost is still the same. It does not reduce the roses in price because the flowers have been separated in to petals as opposed to whole flowers, the still take the same time to grow, the cost of transportation and conditioning the roses will still be the same.

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