Workshop dates released!

I am SO excited to share the news with you all that I have now launched an array of workshops for 2017 and they are now available to book online here.

Since opening the shop back in November, I have held a few workshops here which have been a great success. Lots of clients have been asking me when my next workshop is and what workshops I plan to carry out so I decided it was a good idea to put a few different dates together so you can put them in your diary early and book your space.









Each workshop will have a maximum of 8 people per session however workshops that require a lot of space and guidance (such as the wreath workshop) will only have 4 people.

Depending upon the workshop that you are looking to do will depend on the duration, you wouldn’t believe it but creating a hair circlet takes a long time when you are doing it for the first time!

Hand tied bouquet workshop.

Being a florist and making multiple hand tied bouquets on a daily basis, I forget how  intriguing my customers find it to watch me create a bouquet for them.

I frequently receive comments about how enjoyable it is to watch me create something beautiful for them and to see exactly how a hand tied bouquet is made so my workshop on 20th August is for those who want to be creative and make something spectacular to take home.

This workshop will involve conditioning the flowers, learning how to create the spiral that you need in a bouquet to ensure it stands unaided, how to figure out exactly what to incorporate in to a bouquet and the quantities needed and how to gift wrap your bouquet.


Often during bridal consultations, as we get chatting, it isn’t uncommon for someone in the bridal party or a close family member who would like to create something special for the couple on their big day. This is why I have pinned a date down for a workshop where you can learn how to create a beautiful hand tied bridal bouquet.

This workshop is approximately 1.5 hours long, I will talk you through exactly how to design and create something amazing whilst sipping on tea, coffee and delicious cakes as you get creative!

To book on to this workshop, click the link below.

Bridal bouquet workshop. 

I know it’s crazy that I am already thinking about it this early on in the year but… my Christmas wreath workshop dates are now live. This is a really popular workshop that I have done for a few years now so I have put a few dates in and will add more when these book up.

How you choose to design your wreath is completely up to you, lots of festive decorations, dried fruits, ribbons, spruce etc will be provided so you only have to bring yourself (and a friend if you fancy!). A brilliant 2 hour session if you want something gorgeous to hang on your front door for the run up to Christmas. (It can be used as a table decoration with a large hurricane vase and candle in for Christmas day too!)

Christmas wreath workshop.

Here’s a few shots of last years wreath workshop.






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