WOW! What a success Mother’s Day was this year!

14:14:38 03/11/2016 – Posted by Ella 

With just 3 weeks between the two busiest weekends of the year for us florists, Valentines and Mother’s Day – we smashed it!

Usually, we have a solid month or more to recuperate between Valentines and Mother’s Day but this year it felt like a few days and there was certainly no recuperating between the two! On the plus side, it was so worth it just to see the big grins and tears of joy on our clients Mother’s faces when they opened there front door to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from us at Flowers of Bath on behalf of their daughter/sons!

The biggest difference between Valentines and Mother’s Day is that (no offence chaps..) but the majority of orders are placed by women therefore the orders tend to come in a little earlier than the quantity that are same day requests for Valentines.. (Are you surprised?! Ha)

Mother’s Day usually involves lots of early morning to head to the wholesalers in Bristol and this year was no different.. It’s similar to Valentines in that respect, although it is technically a one day event, to us it feels like a 3/4 day event! Sunday morning we were in Bristol collecting more fresh flowers at 5am and the last delivery was delivered at 6.45pm.. certainly a long day but the adrenaline and job satisfaction is so far beyond the lack of sleep over the weekend that we all had!


Mother's Day blog 5

Saturday evening shot in the studio of a few bouquets ready to go out for delivery early Sunday morning to lots of lovely Mum’s in Bath and the surrounding areas.


Here is a couple of reviews from our lovely clients who ordered flowers for their Mum’s last weekend –

Penny – Twitter Review

‘One extremely happy Mummy on Mother’s Day, thanks to Flowers of Bath who delivered the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet!’

Charlie – Google Review

‘The flowers were tailored perfectly to my mothers needs, she was over the moon and the service, well, that was just the icing on the cake. Mother’s Day made thanks to Flowers Of Bath’

Here is the two most popular bouquets that were ordered for delivery over Mother’s Day weekend.. and I have to say… they are two of my favourites too!!

Mother's Day Blog 3  Mothers Day blog 6

Massive thanks to all of our lovely clients, family and friends for the support and orders placed last weekend for Mother’s Day… It was a massive success so thank you. x

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