Eco Collection

Our Eco Collection has been newly designed & created to ensure that we are doing our bit to help our planet and by sending out as much compostable content as we possibly can.

All of our florals from our Eco Collection will be delivered with zero plastic. The flowers will be delivered in a recycled and recyclable gift box (unless you opt for a recycled glass vase), the blooms will be tied with natural jute string and no wrapping will be used; only a simple ribbon around the box which we hope will be re-used by the recipient.

To reduce any unnecessary packaging, the flower will not be delivered in water as a cellophane water bubble would be required but if you’d like to opt for a recycled glass vase, we can deliver the flowers in this which can obviously be re-used for years to come.

Let’s help our planet by making these changes to reduce our emissions.

Our Eco Collection

Wherever possible, we use an eco bike delivery service to deliver our flowers within the Bath area to reduce our emissions and encourage clean air within Bath.

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