Our fabulous new window displays!

It’s so lovely to have something different in our windows every now and again and this time I’ve got Fiona to thank!

I contacted Fiona about doing something eye catching and unusual in the windows for the run up to Mother’s Day and she did an amazing job.


I wanted something colourful in different shades of pinks and driving up Lansdown Road, it certainly caught your eye.

It’s so lovely to receive so many positive comments about the window displays but in particular, Fiona’s display added so much colour to the shop and it is something different that you wouldn’t necessarily spot in another window in Bath as it was made especially for us!


Due to the beautiful Spring weather we’ve had in recent weeks, the sun gradually faded the balloons so we now have a fabulous new designs in peaches and creams. The latex balloons are 100% bio-degradeable so can be added to the compost when their time has come.

It’s so difficult to photograph the clear latex balloons to show off how impressive they are in real life. The balloons have seasonal foliage, Eucalyptus and Asparagus Fern inside.

If you are looking for something amazing to brighten up an event, give Fiona a shout.

Riot Balloons –

Fiona – Riot Balloons  – Create balloon styling for weddings, events, photoshoots and commercial projects. (Click on link to find contact details for Fiona)

Instagram: @riotballoons

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