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A week into October can only mean one thing… another little blog post about the best quality seasonal flowers available this month.

A personal favourite available now would have to be Delphiniums.. These beautiful flowers are grown widely throughout the UK during the Summer months and are commonly seen to be a ‘typical’ English country garden flowers. They are mainly available and grown in Blue, Purple and White flowers. Delphiniums are a perfect flower for creating height in a floral design or wedding arrangement for a centre piece on the tables and are usually 0.75-1m in height.

I am a firm believer that flowers should be sourced in the height of their season and at their best possible quality. The disadvantages of sourcing flowers our of season, at the wrong time of year, will cause the flowers to be bad quality, usually expensive and the vase life will be very limited.

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Dahlia – Lots of British grown cut stems available – http://somersetflowerfarm.jswebsitemarketing.co.uk/contact-us/ Available in a variety of colour/varieties.

Allium – Beautifully large heads, commonly available in white or purple.

Brunia – Winter looking berries, great for a white/green/silver themed floral design and to add texture.

Calla – Available in a wide range of colours, native to South Africa.

Phlox – Many are fragrant and usually available in white, pink, purple and red.

Delphinium – Wild, tall and impressive. Easily grown yourself or again sourced from http://somersetflowerfarm.jswebsitemarketing.co.uk/contact-us/.  Commonly blue/purple.

Agapanthus – Blue, purple or white flowers. Often known as ‘African Lily’

Leucadendron – Native to South Africa, often red, oranges or greens. Perfect for a slightly exotic touch to a floral design.

Rose – As always, available 365 days of the year, in a huge range of colours and varities, some scented.

Lily – Some Lillies are scented, available in most colours and are a group of flowering plants all from bulbs.




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