September’s seasonal flowers.


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With such an array of beautiful seasonal flowers available lately, our first blog post will be dedicated to exactly that!

With the Summer flowers slowly starting to come to an end and Autumn fast approaching in just under 3 weeks (22nd September) the beautiful and colourful Autumn flowers are fast filling up the wholesalers fridges.

Autumnal colour pallette – Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens and Browns.

Marroon Red 2 Orange Orange 2 Yellow Light green

Flower types – all flowers are perfect for sourcing at their best quality in September.

Delphiniums – Wild, tall and impressive. Easily grown yourself.  Commonly blue/purple.

Astillbe – Native to Asia and North America. Often pink/white flower.

Dahlia (lots of British grown cut stems available) – local provider www.

Lisianthus (Eustoma) (great equivalent used in replacement of Roses, wild and available in a wide variety of colours)

Freesia (sweet scented and perfect to bring a touch of summer/spring in to floral designs)

Hydrangea (beautiful, large headed, garden flowers. Also easily sourced by local British growers)

Stocks (Matthiola) (scented, available in white, lilac, pink, apricot and cream. Easy to grow at home in your garden and source locally)

Roses (always a wide range of Rose varieties to source throughout the year)

Senecio (beautiful silver foliage

Calla/Zantedeschia (native to South Africa, perfect Autumnal flower, availble in lots of reds, burnt oranges and yellow colours)

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