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17:58:27 pm  22/08/2016 – Posted by Ella 

Another month that has flown by and now we are soon approaching September! How did that happen?

After  a busy few weeks at Flowers of Bath HQ it’s that time of the month again to write up a little blog for all you lovely lot to give you an idea of the flowers available throughout August if you are in the process of deciding the flowers that you would like to incorporate to your wedding day.

Few photos below of some of the designs we have created throughout August (so far)

Westonbirt bouquet - Flowers of Bath  Bouquet 1 - August blog

          ‘Westonbirt‘ bouquet                                       Red Rose and Dahlia bouquet

Locksbrook - August blog

                                 The beautiful Locksbrook Inn looking fabulous. 

Orchid – The main types of orchids commonly used at weddings: cymbidium (usually green; popular, yet expensive; durable yet perishable in cold temperatures); dendrobium (sweetly scented), oncidium (often referred to as “spray orchids”; they come on slender long branches); vandas (summer-blooming; comes in a rare, yet stunning bluish purple); and phalaenopsis (popular and widely used; usually comes in white and purple).

Dahlia – Dahlias can be sourced in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. Few varieties of Dahlias are available. Perfect flower to incorporate to your wedding flowers if you are looking for bold colours and larger headed blooms.

Calla Lily – Also known as the arum lily, this trumpet-shaped blossom originated in Africa and symbolized “magnificent beauty”. Available in ivory, yellow, orange, light pink, dark pink, red and dark burgundy. The perfect flower to incorporate if you are looking for a flower to create modern/unusual designs for your wedding.

Cornflowers – Available in white, pink and blue. Commonly used in wedding designs for brides who are looking to incorporate blue in to their flowers. An inexpensive choice appropriate for a casual wedding and comes with feathery blue-gray foliage. Its button head and colorful legend make it a charming buttonhole flower for the groom and groomsmen. Perfect for a vintage/garden style wedding.

Delphinium – A classic in English cottage flower beds. The delphinium and its sister, the larkspur, lend a country-garden feel to wedding arrangements whilst adding height. Available most of the year however they are at their best around August time and available in white, blue and purple.

Freesia – Fresh, fruity scent, freesia packs a lot of fragrance in just a few blossoms. A couple of stems are all that’s needed to make a bouquet sweet-smelling. Availale in white, cream, lilac, purple, pink, orange. (Most colours except blue).

Gladioli –  The gladiolus has a spiky stem with large florets that open in succession; miniature varieties with fewer florets are also available. Full stems can be used to add height to arrangements. Available in white, yellow, green, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red, lavender and purple. Perfect flower to incorporate in to Pedestal/large urn arrangements.

Zinnia – Available from June through until September. Brides seeking a spectrum of unforgettable color and a causal garden style will appreciate this perky, daisylike flower. The perfect flower to blend beautifully in to vintage themed wedding. Available in red, yellow, green, pink and orange.

100 White Roses - August blog Chequers - August blog

 100 Naomi White Roses                   The Chequers Bar Design 



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