March – Seasonal Flower Guide… IT’S FINALLY SPRING!

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Having only technically been in Spring now for just over two weeks, we are already loving it.. It has to be my favourite season simply due to the AMAZING variety of Spring flowers available at the wholesalers.. Plus, it means we are just weeks away from the official first day of Summer (1st June 2016) and that means warmer weather, longer and brighter days and blue skies!

The best bit about Spring time for me as a florist, is the absolutely beautiful array of flowers available at the wholesalers to choose from (and trust me it’s hard to pick when you want it all!) Everything is so fresh and colourful and smells incredible in comparrison to any other time of the year.. Mainly due to the huge variety of Hyacinths, Daffodils and Paperwhites available. The perfume as you step through the doors in to the flower fridge is amazing.. I have to say the scents of flowers after being around them constantly wears off a little as shocked as people are when they step in to the studio and it ‘smells amazing’ and you can’t smell a thing.


Spring Colours


The colours of Spring are so uplifting, bright and colourful and I simply never get bored and wish the flowers were available at such a good quality throughout the year to induldge in (I guess it makes it special when we do eventually hit Spring after a cold Winter and you see the first few bunches of Tulips and Daffodils coming through!)

Spring flowers – 

Ranunculus, Anemone, Daffodils, Paperwhites, Tulips and Hyacinths.

Our top favourite two have to be Ranunculus and Anemones, these just shout Spring at me and the colour varieties that they are available in is huge.

The main thing to bear in mind if you are getting married during the months of Spring is that if you are looking for flowers with long stems for large table decorations, the above flowers aren’t your best options as the stem length is no usually more than 30cm.


Blog March 2   March Blog

‘Double Princess Tulips’                                                 ‘Ranunculus Success Merenque’ 


A Spring wedding really does seem the most perfect time to get married.. Although the warm weather isn’t guaranteed the majority of days so far since we’ve reached Spring have been gorgeous, blue clear skies and sunshine. Also, the prices of venues tend to be cheaper in Spring/Autumn months as opposed to high Summer when the weather is ‘meant’ to be nicer (not so sure it always is?!). Having said that, when I first started out as a florist, 90% of the weddings were in that typical ‘wedding season’ however now it seems that bride and grooms are recognising that it doesn’t have to be on a Saturday in the middle of July just because tradition says that a wedding is held on a Saturday in the Summer.. We have lots of weddings dotted throughout the year which is quite nice for us and it also means we are creating gorgeous wedding flowers with a massive variety of flowers over the year as opposed to just July/August and Septembers cut stem availability.



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