July’s seasonal flowers and a sneak peak of Gemma and Kenny’s wedding.

What a busy month it’s been so far! With just over a week left until we are in August, time certainly does fly when you’re having fun.

It has been such a busy month preparing, designing, setting up and delivering wedding flowers to lots of gorgeous brides all of Bath and a few in Bristol. I have to say.. I fell in love with Gemma and Kenny’s wedding held at the beautiful Priston Mill, just on the outskirts of Bath. From start to finish, it was such a pleasure to be involved in their special day and the venue looked magical all set up and waiting for the guests to arrive – I am so excited to see the official photography of the day and share the photos on a blog at a later date with more details of their wedding day and the flowers th ey opted for and venue/cake details etc. But… here are a few photos for you to have a sneaky peak at for now!


Gemma and Kenny 4 (2)   Gemma and Kenny

Gemma and Kenny 2


It’s that time again to dedicate my blog post to let you lovely lot know about the best quality flowers available throughout July. It’s so important to incorporate seasonal flowers in to your wedding designs as opposed to opting for flowers that are not available at the time of year that you will be tieing the knot (plus going for flowers that are out of season will cost you twice to amount and I can guarantee the quality is NEVER as good)

Summer is such a wonderful time to get married if flowers are going to play an important part of your day as the availability throughout the summer months and the colours available is fabulous.

My favourite flowers that are available now have to be Hydrangeas and Delphiniums. Both flowers are popular with Summer weddings and available in a range of colours. Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to incorporate if you are having large table decorations or a floral archway whereas Delpiniums are great to include if you are trying to achieve height in a design as these flowers are available over a metre in stem length. Perfect for large Urn arrangements, pedestals and table decorations.


Hydrangea – Large headed flowers, great for filling space on large designs such as floral archways. Commonly grown in Britain and available in white, pink, green, blue and purple.

Delphinium – Wild flowers, stem legth upto 1.5m in height so perfect to include in your wedding flowers if you are looking to have tall designs such as large urn arrangements, pedestals or table decorations that require height.

Peony – The most beautiful summer flowers, large heads that look amazing in bridal bouquets. My favourite variety is Sarah Bernhardt, a soft pink colour with slightly darker pink edges to the petals. Some are scented and usually available in pink, coral, white and cerise.

Rose – As always, there is lots of varieties of Roses available. White O’Hara is a beautiful Rose to include in your flowers if you are looking for a cream/blush/nude Rose and slightly alternative to the usual Avalanche/Naomi Rose.

Allium – Another long stem flowers with an eye  catching large head, available in white and purple. Great to use if you want to have a statement design that your guests can’t miss!

Dahlia – Grown in the UK a lot and perfect if you are opting for a garden/wild theme. Available in most colours and a few different varieties.

Stocks – I absolutely adore the scent of Stocks and incorporating them in to wedding flowers, especially bridal bouquets as they really do smell incredible. Available in white, purple, lilac, cerise and peach.

Mint – If you are looking for a wild looking foliage that smells amazing, incorporate flowering mint. It is a purple/grey foliage that looks/smells wonderful in wedding designs.


Gemma and Kenny – Sunday 17th July 2016

Gemma and Kenny   Gemma and Kenny 5   Gemma and Kenny 8   Gemma and Kenny 7

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