January’s seasonal flowers.

18/01/2017 – Posted by Ella

Considering a Winter wedding? This is the perfect guide to help you choose the right flowers for your big day that are in season and at their best possible quality in January.

It’s actually quite surprising how many flowers are in season in January, including a number of people’s all time favourites. Scroll down for some seasonal floral inspiration and beat those January blues…

Amaryllis – If you’re looking for a statement January flower then Amaryllis is the one for you. The long stems and striking flower heads make it really stand out, and it’s great for creating architectural floral arrangements if you’re feeling creative. Available in white, red, clove and peach.

Anemone – We love Anemones for winter weddings and home arrangements alike, the dark centre of an Anemone will make your bouquet pop for sure. Available in a variety of colours including cream, burgundy, puruple and white.

20170118_135803   20170118_135747

‘Candy Prince Tulip’                                                              ‘Royal Virgin Tulip’

Daffodils – The perfect flowers if you want to add a splash of colour to your wedding day. Daffodils are often associated with Easter and spring, but they are in fact in season from much earlier. We love the understated yet cheerful colour for this time of year.


Tulips – Available in a huge array of colours and varieties. A favourite of mine has to be the White Parrot Tulip. Such a gorgeous flower to fill a clear glass vase with and pop on a table.






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