Novembers Seasonal Flowers – Hello November! That snuck up on us in the blink of an eye..

19:19:26 (11/02/2015) – Posted by Ella

How is it already 2nd November?! Last time I looked at the calendar I could have sworn it was July and now the clocks have gone back and it’s pitch black at 5pm!

Every time I have answered the phone or met up with our October brides that have all been planning their wedding for over a year, without fail, every bride has had their fingers crossed hoping for no rain, just a dry Autumnal day and clear skies. Their wishes paid off as not one bride had rain on their big day! It certainly does not feel like Winter is just around the corner!

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Now on to our fabulous November brides!

It’s always hard to start off deciding on what flowers you would like for your wedding day, what colour, what style, what varieties, should it match your bridesmaids dresses or should it contrast?! So many questions and things to think about before you even figure the answer to all the flower related questions you have.. It’s always a lot harder to decide on what you would like if you’re not a flower expert yourself and you think all flowers are pretty. This is where we are on hand, to guide you through the process making it as hassle free as possible and to ensure that the flowers that are delivered to you on your wedding day are beyond what you had ever expected. However, one piece of advice I give to every single bride on their first consultation is to incorporate seasonal flowers. For the simple reason that their quality is at its best, their availability is guaranteed and the cost will be less than sourcing flowers that are out of season and their quality isn’t perfect.

Our monthly blog on seasonal flowers enables brides and grooms to simply select the month that they will be getting married and gather ideas of flowers available at that time of year.

Calla Lily (Zantedeschia) – Available in white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, black, apricot, and green. Contemporary flower perfect for an unusual bridal bouquet. Also ‘Arum’ variety available, larger flower head.

Delphinium – Tall country flower, commonly British grown, available in purple, white, lilac, pink and blue. If blue is your theme, this is your flower! Great flower to incorporate as a pure natural blue flower (along with Cornflowers)

Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw) – Native to Australia. Commonly available in Autumnal colours, orange, red, green and yellow.

Lisianthus (Eustoma) – Pretty flower, good alternative to Roses. Lots of smaller heads on one single stem, available in white, purple, pink, green, red and peach.

Oriental Lily – Often scented, large headed flowers available in a range of colours and perfect for tall table centres and pedestals.

Sunflowers (Helianthus) – Large headed yellow flowers, usually stem length of 60-80cm.

Roses – Always available in a wide range of colours. Lovely Autumnal varities of oranges, reds and yellows would be ‘Finess’, ‘Curiosa’, ‘Ambition’, ‘Naomi’ and  ‘Grand Prix’.

Agapanthus – Commonly found British grown, available in white, lilac and purple. Beautiful flower and often long stems of 60-80cm.

Alchemilla – Soft green foliage, perfect for a wild country design.

Bouvardia – Available in white, pink and red. Pretty small headed flowers in the shape of stars.

Brunia – Suitable for a winter wedding, silver berried foliage that adds great texture to a floral design (We absolutely love incorporating these in to our arrangements!)

Corylus – Hazel foliage, great to incorporate to an Autumnal themed wedding, usually greens, oranges and brown.


Wooden Trough   Carol and Alex


Dahlia – Easily sourced by British growers, available in a wide range of colours. Large heads and cost effective.

Eryngium (Thistle) – Also known as ‘Sea Holly’. Available in green or blue. The National Emblem of Scotland.

Freesia – Scented and delicate flowers, perfect to incorporate in to a country styled bouquet.

Gladioli – Great for creating height in an arrangement, available in white, pink, purple, yellow. orange, apricot and red.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) – Large headed seasonal flowers, available in white, red, peach, green, orange and maroon.

Hypericum – Autumnal berried flowers, available in red, green and brown perfect to add texture to any floral design.

Veronica – Available in pink, lilac, purple and white. Perfect seasonal flower to incorporate to a country style design to add height.

Trachelium – Native to Algeria, Portugal and Spain. Commonly available in purple, white and lilac.


Have a fabulous November everyone! Ella x

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