February’s beautiful Seasonal flowers availability.

18:00:02 02/15/2016 – Posted by Ella

If you’re a lover of Spring flowers – February is the month for you! It’s definitely my favourite time of year, in all aspects, not just because of the massive variety of beautiful flowers that are available, but the weather is turning, although the days are still cold, 2016 seems to be a good year weatherwise and we certainly aren’t complaining.. It definitely makes it that little bit easier to get up at 5am to head to the flower wholesaler in Bristol when it’s not throwing down buckets of rain and you’re drenched from head to foot as soon as you step out of the house!

The varieties available throughout February is absolutely phenomenal, it’s certainly the best time to head to the wholesalers just to take a look at the varities available.

The majority of Spring flowers stem length is fairly short (approximately 40cm) if you are opting to have floral designs at your wedding that will require long stem lengths it may be a better option to have flowers that have the stem length to create that style that you are hoping to achieve on your wedding day.

February blog - tulips

Tulips – Available in the majority of colours and perfect flower to incorporate to any Spring wedding floral arrangements. Common name: Tulip. Botanical name: Tulipa. There are a few different varieties available, the most common being Standard Tulip, Parrot, Fringed and Double Tulips.

Daffodils – Readily available throughout January/February and March. Often assosciated with Spring & Easter however they are often cut and found in English gardens and countryside from a season much earlier. Paperwhites, Narcissi and Daffodils available in Whites, creams and yellows.

Ranuncula – Common name: Ranuncula. Botanical name: Ranunculus. Beautiful flowers perfect to incorporate to designs to add some texture. Our favourite variety has to be ‘Ranunculus Picotee Wit Pink’.

Ranuncula  February blog - Roses

Anemone – These beautiful florals bloom in Spring and Autumn  and are perennial flowers. The stems of the flower holds one or several flower heads in colours of white, red, blue and sometimes yellow. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this beautiful flower translated from Greek means ‘Daughter of the Wind’.

Hyacinth – Common name: Hyacinth. Botanical name: Hyacinthus. With their sweet smell and striking flowers, the Hyacinth is a favourite addition to many people’s gardens and is also a popular long-lasting cut flower. Not only can Hyacinths be grown in the garden, but can also be planted in pots and vases!

Freesia –  Our favourite variety has to be the classic ‘Freesia Du Volante’ an elegant white flower that smells sweet and looks beautiful. Perfect to incorporate to your wedding flowers if you are looking for sweet scented flowers and are going for a wild/rustic design.

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